28 March 2012

The Tooth Fairy Has Come Early

I'm not sure what it says about my vanity, but I really didn't want Daphne to lose any teeth from her fall last week. I know in my head that it's not that big of a deal: it's just her baby teeth and her adult teeth will come someday. But someday is many years away. Losing baby teeth now means having no teeth for years.

I've known one other child who had to have teeth pulled as a toddler and I remember thinking I was glad that wasn't me and my kid. And now it is me and my kid and other people are probably glad not to be us. Plus, doesn't it seem like Daph visits the doctor enough? Seems like teeth pulling is just an event we could really do without.

We had a follow-up dentist appointment this afternoon and found that one of her front teeth was beyond saving and we decided it was best to just have it pulled right then instead of waiting longer and having the chance of infection go up. So without any psychological preparation for the sensitive mama (because honestly, Daphne does not seem to care), out came the tooth. She cried when they gave her the shot of anesthetic and that was it.

The other front tooth doesn't look like it has much of a chance of surviving, but since there was a tiny bit of hope I asked that we wait. In two weeks we'll see if that tooth will go as well (and you know I'll be praying for a miracle every day until then).

We've never discussed the Tooth Fairy or teeth falling out since we thought we had a long time before it became an issue. David decided Daphne deserved something much more than a quarter or two for this tooth so I went to Target to use one of their amazing 50% off coupons from this week's add for a Thomas the Train Mega Blocks set.

She's pretty excited that her tooth is going to be exchanged for a present. David and I had to have a talk on how the Tooth Fairy is supposed to work. Do we leave the gift tonight after she's asleep? Wake up really early in the morning so that it's not in her bed as long?

(Parents: have the Tooth Fairy conversation now. You want to be prepared.)

It's harder than I thought to become the Tooth Fairy. If dear Daphne would stop climbing things so we don't have to do this again I would be OK with that.

As the dentist said, kids knocking their teeth out is a personality issue. So just settle down, kid. Just settle down.


Anonymous said...

I think she looks cute! We'll pray the other one pulls through, but if not there is a Thomas the Train riding toy with a track on Craigslist.

melissa said...

Hahaha! That one would be real hard to fit on the bed.

Meeka said...

I'm excited to hear how you manage to squeeze Mega Blocks under her pillow while she's sleeping. I agree with Erin, plus, it's just going to make her look like she's years older than she is :).