27 August 2011

There's Just No Time for a Birthing

Because we didn't have much going on right now, David got himself into a little traffic crash at work (not his fault) Wednesday night. Now he's home for a couple of days on disability because he's not moving so well and he can't drive. But he gets to take fun drugs!

I'm pretty excited about possibly going into labor and driving myself to the hospital. There is nothing safer than a laboring driver on the freeways. (Mostly kidding; I'm sure he'll be fine to drive me.)

Thursday Daphne had two doctor appointments on the west side, and David had one, plus we had to go to his work so he could finish writing his report from the night before. We left a little after 9AM and didn't get home until almost 7PM. That's not such a long day for adult people, but it was hard on Daphne. I was so nervous about having the baby that day because there just wasn't any time to fit in a birthing. Stress levels were high.

Daph being so brave about getting x-rays. When I told her that big thing was a giant camera that was going to take pictures of her feet, she said the camera makes a loud noise. It's been probably a year and 1/2 since she's had x-rays, so how did she remember that?

Yesterday David had his first physical therapy session and he has two more appointments coming Monday and Tuesday. Basically, we absolutely cannot have the baby for at least another week because there is just no time to fit in a birth.

So keep that in mind, baby. One more week. Please.

24 August 2011

David's Daughter, For Sure

Daph loves keeping the people entertained. That's why lately I have been getting a lot of photos of her doing strange things like this:

Isn't she just the sweetest looking thing?

23 August 2011

This is How We Have Fun

This morning Daph had tons of fun eating breakfast in the kitchen and watching David power wash the house.

She loved it. It was like TV to her.

It was almost as fun watching me unload the dishwasher.

So anytime you need a really exciting morning, you know just where to come.

20 August 2011

One of Those Good Days

It was a popsicle kind of day.

It was a hang-out-with-friends kind of a day.

It was a go-to-Burgerville-use-their-air-conditioning-celebrate-their-50th-birthday kind of day.

It was a Daphne-was-brave-and-wanted-her-face-painted-like-the-big-kids kind of day.

You know, one of those good days.

12 August 2011

Daddy Time

David, with all that responsibilites involved in providing for a family, has been working tons and tons lately. He's been getting scheduled for court almost everyday, meaning he has to go in to work before his regular shift begins.

Wednesday he went to work, got home and to bed around 3:30A.M., got up at 6:45A.M. so he could leave for court at 7:15, then went to work for his afternoon shift, got home around 3A.M., went to bed...you see the pattern.

Last week his court was all at noon so he could sleep in and then get up and leave immediately for court before heading off to regular work.

Then on his weekend he went camping with some friends. We've kind of forgotten what he looks like.

Poor Daphne has been feeling his absence. She will ask where Daddy is and I tell her he's at work and she'll say "NO! Daddy stay HOME!" Sometimes she even starts crying. I feel sad for her.

Maybe Thursday (?) David was able to come home for a quick lunch. As we were sitting at the picnic table eating Daphne picked up her cup and plate from where I had set them and scooted her little buns over until she was sitting as close to him as possible.

David was home with us today and Daphne said to me, "Mama stay in the house, Daffy goes outside with Daddy." So I stayed in the house and took pictures of them through the window.

David will tell me he's running downstairs or outside to do something and we'll hear Daphne's little voice chiming in with "I go with Daddy."

I think it's safe to say that she likes him quite a bit.

11 August 2011


Alrighty, folks, 3 weeks or any day until baby time.

Did that just strike a bit of fear into your hearts? Me too.

Every night I think I'm going into labor so I start cooking something (because that's logical). I want Daphne to have food while we're in the hospital. (Oh, it is logical!)

Speaking of food, I started watching Food, Inc last night. It's so great. I needed to go to bed so I didn't get very far, plus I want David to watch it with me.

I tell ya, it makes me happy to know that this is where I get my milk (and butter, yogurt, etc):

And this is where I get my eggs:

And David's favorite, this is where we get our bacon:

(photo courtesy of my mother.)

(Is it just me, or do Daphne and that baby pig kind of look alike?)

05 August 2011

Photo Link

Here's a link to our Daphne/maternity photos from June. The gallery is only available through August 10, so don't be alarmed if you click on the link and you see nothing there.

(If it asks for a password try Kemple2011.)

Daphne sure is lovable.

03 August 2011

Another Check Off the List

A good activity for a warm summer day is...

...because look how happy it could make your child!

Fish are very exciting.

We like Bonneville because it's so peaceful and beautiful.

You can talk to fish guys about fish stuff.

And watch the fish guys move fish around.

You can't go swimming (so hard for Daphne to understand), but you can play in the fountain.

Picnics are good, too.

Don't forget Cascade Locks for ice cream.

That makes everyone happy.