11 August 2011


Alrighty, folks, 3 weeks or any day until baby time.

Did that just strike a bit of fear into your hearts? Me too.

Every night I think I'm going into labor so I start cooking something (because that's logical). I want Daphne to have food while we're in the hospital. (Oh, it is logical!)

Speaking of food, I started watching Food, Inc last night. It's so great. I needed to go to bed so I didn't get very far, plus I want David to watch it with me.

I tell ya, it makes me happy to know that this is where I get my milk (and butter, yogurt, etc):

And this is where I get my eggs:

And David's favorite, this is where we get our bacon:

(photo courtesy of my mother.)

(Is it just me, or do Daphne and that baby pig kind of look alike?)


Susan said...

Melissa! I love the photos of Daphne loving on various good food sources, and your writing makes me smile too. Thanks for sharing!

GrandpaR said...

She's doing OK for a city kid.

And Michael Pollen on farming is as whacked as Algore is on climate.

melissa said...

Michael Pollan on FOOD/HEALTH is good. I've read his books.