12 August 2011

Daddy Time

David, with all that responsibilites involved in providing for a family, has been working tons and tons lately. He's been getting scheduled for court almost everyday, meaning he has to go in to work before his regular shift begins.

Wednesday he went to work, got home and to bed around 3:30A.M., got up at 6:45A.M. so he could leave for court at 7:15, then went to work for his afternoon shift, got home around 3A.M., went to bed...you see the pattern.

Last week his court was all at noon so he could sleep in and then get up and leave immediately for court before heading off to regular work.

Then on his weekend he went camping with some friends. We've kind of forgotten what he looks like.

Poor Daphne has been feeling his absence. She will ask where Daddy is and I tell her he's at work and she'll say "NO! Daddy stay HOME!" Sometimes she even starts crying. I feel sad for her.

Maybe Thursday (?) David was able to come home for a quick lunch. As we were sitting at the picnic table eating Daphne picked up her cup and plate from where I had set them and scooted her little buns over until she was sitting as close to him as possible.

David was home with us today and Daphne said to me, "Mama stay in the house, Daffy goes outside with Daddy." So I stayed in the house and took pictures of them through the window.

David will tell me he's running downstairs or outside to do something and we'll hear Daphne's little voice chiming in with "I go with Daddy."

I think it's safe to say that she likes him quite a bit.

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Kim said...

That is so cute! Eric's been working a lot too. Alivia gets so happy when he gets home. It's hard to entertain a baby with the same things day after day, especially when you add the weekends in. ha!