05 April 2012

Egg Hunting

David's work hosted an Easter Egg Hunt that we attended last weekend. Poor Daphne thought there would be chickens there (how else do eggs end up all over the grass?).

There was the actual hunt, then snack time and craft time. She also got a goodie bag. I will give you 5 guesses as to what her favorite color is:

I love that Daphne is getting old enough to appreciate and enjoy the holidays. Easter is a little hard to understand, I think, since death/life isn't something a small child can really understand. We have quite a few Easter books that we've read over and over this season to lay the foundation of comprehending Easter.

Of course Daph makes sense of it with her 3 year old brain...and talks about children living with Jesus in His house and playing Easter Eggs with Him.

I'm pretty sure you will find that story in John chapter 59.


Kelley said...

I believe her favorite colors are Orange and Black.

Miche said...

That child just loves the color reeeedddd!

melissa said...

Amber, you always crack me up!

The Pitter Pat Boutique said...

Precious! As always.