19 April 2012

Day 1

For a couple of years now we've been saving up to remodel our main floor bathroom. This past fall we realized we finally had enough to get ourselves started.

We thought we would just be able to replace the things that needed replacing, mainly the tub, shower insert and sinks, and not work too much on aesthetics. As it turned out, we did have enough saved to not only fix up what needed to be fixed, but get fun new things, too, like flooring, cabinets, mirrors, window and lights. Once we're done, the only original item will be the toilet.

The best part? We're really going hog wild and hiring someone to do the work for us. We usually like going the cheaper DIY route, but with two small children in the house it has been a blessing to let someone else do all the hard work while we try to maintain regular life. Right now it is definitely worth the extra money.

Daphne has been so excited about getting a new bathtub. Apparently that is exciting stuff when you're 3? Periodically over the past few days she has taken her tools into the bathroom to try tearing out our old bathtub all by herself. Eventually she'll come out to tell me it's too hard. (Quitter.)

We've been telling her that Daddy's friends are coming to fix our bathroom for us. Today was finally the day she's been waiting for...Day 1 of getting our new bathroom. As soon as our contractor showed up, Daph headed in with her toolbox to lend a hand.

She's been hanging around watching them work all day long; her favorite spot, sitting outside the bathroom door talking their ears off. They know all about her broken teeth and her baby brother and shopping at Target and buying new bathtubs at the store.

It's possible they are wishing we had gone DIY, but Daphne is having the time of her life. Christian just stares at them like he wonders why strangers think they should be roaming freely around his house.

By the way, every time I ask Daphne if she is a chatterbox, she always replies with, "no, I'm a cow." Why does she do this? Because I certainly see no correlation between the two.


Lori said...

This is just too cute! I love her little tools!

Kelley said...

I have some projects for D and her toolbox. After she has learned about bathrooms she can come help me.