21 April 2012

Day 2

We had two good days of bathroom work and now we have a break until our floor comes in.

Our new bathtub and shower look great.  The rest of the room looks a little sad in its slightly torn apart and unfinished state. 

Daphne really wants to paint the bathtub yellow.  I told her we are definitely not painting the tub, but we will paint the walls!  Just not yellow.

Fixing up the bathroom has put a bee in my bonnet to fix every other room in the house as well.  After the kids go to bed in the evenings I make myself clean for an hour or so, and then I get to do some of the crafty things that I find on Pinterest.  I made some mini chalkboards to label the baskets in my pantry, and when I got up this morning I saw David had taken it upon himself to do some labeling for me. 

Thankfully, none of these items are currently in any baskets in my pantry.

The kids are great...Christian LOVES big people food.  If we are eating, he also must be eating.  

And it looks like someone may need lessons soon?  Grandma-Great needs to live closer. 

1 comment:

Kelley said...

Maybe someone needs the 'Dirty Mustache' sign to hang from the 'Fused Nostril' while eating the 'Soggy Taco' and 'Gumdrop Buttons' as he is cleaning his 'Brown Star.'