15 April 2012

A Spring Outing

It was time to take Christian to one of Daphne's most favorite places...Yo Cream.

Daphne shows extreme concentration when eating ice cream.

Christian shows intense anger at not getting to eat anything. I should have brought his yams, which right now are one of his favorite foods.

We're working on a GIGANTIC house project right now so this afternoon was our only down time for the foreseeable future. A very important room in our house is about to be torn apart (hint: it rhymes with 'mathroom'). Taking a break for some Yo Cream was a good idea.


Kelley said...

Maybe the Yo Cream would put more ounces on C! Is 'athroom' a word?

melissa said...

Ok, I changed it to 'mathroom,' a room where you do math.

GAB said...

As in #1 and #2?

melissa said...

Haha...you're a funny one for sure.