12 April 2012

In the Clear

One nice thing about Daphne's dentist is that he lets her play with all his cool teeth cleaning gear. It is her favorite to spray air and water on things. In this photo she is using the air sprayer to make a pinwheel spin.

Another nice things about Daphne's dentist is that he did not take any more of her teeth. It looks like The Great Tooth Debacle of 2012 is officially over.

Poor Daphne was not happy about having to visit the dentist again this week. Apparently she didn't think having her tooth pulled last time was fun (cool Tooth Fairy or no). But this week's visit was a breeze. Her x-ray showed that her remaining front tooth is indeed dead but is holding on strong. As long as no infection sets in she should be fine!

We celebrated with some 'yummy juice' at Jamba Juice. Daph loves yummy juice; Christian, it seems, does not.

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