26 June 2014

We Got Something Nice Today

Jonas gave us a mild health scare yesterday.  I noticed a few bruises on him in the past couple of days and couldn't imagine where they had come from.  He had his 2 week check yesterday and the doctor wanted to run some blood tests...so I sat in the tiny exam room for 3 hours just waiting to hear that he had some sort of rare blood cancer or something.  But he's fine.  Just a bit low on vitamin K.  Today we tested again and he's up to normal, so we're good.

Then after the hours at the doctor we rushed across town to sign the papers for our new house.  We were super late due to the long doctor appointment, but they still managed to record everything on time so that we could close this afternoon.  Now we have a new house.

We hung out over there for a few hours tonight.  The kids danced around to their Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego muscial CD, David and I got a little painting in, and we had a picnic supper on the kitchen floor. 

We got a good hour of painting in before the kids completely fell apart.  One thing we know: naughty behavior apparently happens in the new house, too.  I thought maybe the house was so wonderful that fighting and temper tantrums would disappear from our lives forever!  

Jonas was snug as a bug in the Ergo as I tried not to drip paint on his head.  (I didn't.)

David goes back to work Thursday.  Think we can get moved in by then?

Can you even believe we get to live there?  It's like a fairy tale or something.  There are raspberries, apple trees, pear trees, cherry trees and a plum tree.  And what feels like 100 hydrangea bushes, blue AND pink. 
dancing in the dining room

painting in the kitchen nook

in the nook, facing the galley kitchen and dining room

little trooper

first picture of the 5 of us!


Nutty Mom said...

Oh my word your new house is AMAZING!!! I'm so happy for ya'll. they don't have houses half as cool in Texas!

Kramer Family said...

How awesome!!! Congrats on your new place!

Sarah Hancock said...

Your new home is gorgeous!! Best wishes to your family of 5 and to all the new memories to be made in your new home!!

Meeka said...

It's perfect for you! Congratulations, friend. And I'm so glad to hear little Jonas is okay.

Matt + Gina said...

Gorgeous house! AND family Mel! That house has such character I love it!

Diane McKee said...

Beautiful home & family!

Erika said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Please tell me which airport is closest to your house. I'm coming immediately.

Shelley Smucker said...

CONGRATS! The new house looks so beautiful. You're right, straight out of a fairytale. Such character! And fruit trees are just the icing on the cake. So glad everything's o.k. with Jonas and I wish you speedy painting! I know from experience that can be the WORST. Blessings and I hope the moving goes smoothly!