19 June 2014

Notes for the Baby Book

We haven't bought Jonas's baby book yet so to keep me from forgetting all his recent big events I have to start writing things down here.   

Tuesday was a very eventful day for him and full of things to record.  Like:

1. last meconium diaper!!
2. first regular diaper!!

See?  Big events for a four day old baby.

He also:

3. had a diaper blowout all over David's lap!!

It was a good day. 

We got home from the hospital Sunday only to realize our box of baby boy clothes were in storage in Albany.  After minor hysteria because it made me sad to think of him growing out of all those darling newborn clothes without getting to wear them, David suggested we just go down and get the box.  Such a brilliant guy.

It meant a few more activities for the baby book that had nothing to do with diapers.

4. first road trip
5. meeting Grandma and Papa Great
6. first shopping trip to Hobby Lobby

Do you think he is the youngest person ever to go to Hobby Lobby?  I bet he is.

Daphne and Christian stayed in Albany at their cousin's house.  My sister is probably never going to want to talk to me again once my kids are out of her house.  There was some sort of altercation with Christian thinking he needed a Thomas the Train bed in order to sleep there?  I guess when you think about it, is it too much to ask to just keep one of these babies around in case Christian comes to stay the night?

snuggles with Grandma Great

the real reason we like to make Albany trips

so weird that Albany got the first store

Jonas with no baby boy clothes, giving me a weird eye:

Jonas with baby boy clothes, looking happier.


Kelley said...

It looks like he has a few more days to wear the baby boy clothes.

Erika said...

Hobby Lobby at 4 days old has GOT to be a record of some kind! Did they at least give you a Cute Baby discount?

Matt + Gina said...

Cute! My hubby was installing the car seat base in the car practically when I was in labor. Lol!