17 July 2014

Jonas: One Month

Jonas is one month old already.  Staring at ceiling fans is probably his favorite thing in the world.  Other than that he eats well and seems so chubby to me, and he's sleeping really well (only waking once or twice a night.)  He's an amazing baby and I love him.  If you're going to move with a new baby, I think this is the baby you want.

(He gives that face a lot.  I try not to take it personally.)

Staring at the ceiling fan:

Posing on our new quilt from GAL:

In house related news: I think I'm finally done painting, and we celebrated last night by hanging our very first piece of artwork.

Isn't it lovely?  This is Jonas's nursery.  It's going to be SO cute, so please look forward to some room reveal photos someday. 

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Carolyn said...

Beautiful baby! (and beautiful quilt too)