05 August 2014

This Week So Far

The kids and I did church again Sunday morning.  And because Sundays are the Best Days, I set a friend's dish on the front of the car while loading all the crazies in, forgot about the dish, then took off up the hill, where it flew off and nearly hit a man walking his dog.  The people in our new town are strangely friendly and nice, but I think a glass dish to the face would've put a strain in this relationship.  Instead it crashed all over the street, so I got out and tried to clean it up as best I could without slicing my hands open.  Then I had to pile all the glass shards in my front seat because this town is clean and people don't throw things in ditches.  (Not that I would ever do such a thing, of course.)

Oh, and Daph woke up that morning with another lost tooth, and this time it was REALLY lost.  As in, she probably swallowed it in her sleep.  Gross.  

So that was Sunday.

Monday was much better, mostly because David was home, but also because we've discovered not one but TWO lovely coffee shops nearby.  Yesterday we tried Petite Patisserie and we definitely give it 5 stars.  Or 10 stars!  100 stars!  All the stars, because it's a wonderful place.  We've been tempted to spend every waking minute trying to settle perfectly into the house and get lots of projects finished, but I think our poor children have been feeling slightly neglected lately.  A morning off for a yummy breakfast was good for them. 

We found the library, too.  I've been desperate to get down there, and David lured me out of the house yesterday saying if we went to breakfast we could also go to the library.  It's a great place with a playground right outside, so the kids and David stayed out there while I ran in, got my new card, and even had a bit of time to browse around.  I think we'll like it there.

We closed out the day with a supper picnic at the park, time on the splash pad, and a few minutes watching the skateboarders.  Christian just loves those "skateboarding boys," because he got a skateboard recently and now is obsessed with learning how to ride it.  Unfortunately for him, we live on a hill where skateboarding is not recommended by his mother.  He wants to try the skate park, but I said he's too little.  Mothers can be such killjoys. 

Christian woke up this morning screaming bloody murder.  David went to get him and saw that the reason for the screaming was a giant spider on the wall near his head.  Christian told me it was a crab, so I suppose that's saying something about its size.  This house has amazing spiders.  I wish they would all go away.

"this is my elbow"

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Kelley said...

Jonas has a cute elbow! You needed a day away from settling. Finding a coffee shop and library with playground means maybe you'll play more! When are you coming back down so the kidlets can run between pools. And check out the 15 chicks running around the yard, the 10 in the barn and then the hen sitting on 15 eggs. I hope we don't have more.