18 August 2014

Jonas: 2 Months

I guess I ask Jonas why he's growing so fast a little too often, because Daphne asked me if we could take him to the doctor to see why he's growing too fast. All my talk must make her think something is wrong with him.
wearing a crown made by Daph

He did go to the doctor today and weighs in at 11lbs 4oz (19th percentile) and is 2ft tall (85th percentile).  Nothing "too" much about those numbers, I don't think.  The doctor told me that Jonas is still young enough that if he cries I should probably change his diaper or hold him or something.  We always get to go home from the pediatrician with such good tips on baby-raising. 
we needs all the tips we can get, because these are some seriously blank and empty faces

Jonas seems to love his older siblings because he talks to and smiles at both of them.  Of course he's pretty happy with anyone who will make eye contact with him and he still loves the ceiling fan, so it seems his requirements for offering love are fairly low. 

The other day I asked Christian if he wanted to come over and talk to Jonas.   He laid himself next to his baby brother and whispered, "Don't get stinged by bees."  Then he left.

 (This was BEFORE Christian got stung by a bee on Saturday, so it seems he was having some sort of premonition?)

This baby is such a content and chill little guy who sleeps great.  Definitely my favorite baby. Definitely one of my top 3 favorite babies. 


Michelle said...

He is very cute. I'm glad I will get to see him soon. And how funny that Daph thought he needed to go to the doctor! I wonder if I will ever stop being surprised that our kids can actually hear what we're saying and think about it sometimes.

Erika said...

Ahhhh 'don't get stinged by bees'?!?!?! That is priceless. And I might need the name of your pediatrician- you can't just get solid advice like that anywhere!