19 August 2014

Fish and Other Stuff

We made our annual trip out to Bonneville Fish Hatchery last week.  We don't have air conditioning at our house (which is good because I don't like air conditioning), but when it gets really hot it's nice to head out of the city.

Basically we looked at all the fish, I took a bunch of pictures of the backs of my kids while they looked at all the fish, we had a picnic, then went to Cascade Locks for ice cream.  Then it started raining and we had a cool thunder storm.  Then it was very humid.

I don't even know why I'm writing about this; it wasn't really that interesting.  I won't let that stop me from posting pictures, though!  

(Great quote for the Bonneville tourist brochure: "It wasn't really that interesting.")

(It is fun, I promise.  Our kids love it there.)

first trip to the gorge and first time getting a diaper changed on a picnic table

In other summer news, I finally got started on my canning today.  And while everyone else in social media is posting pictures of their colorful and completed jars, I thought I would put a nice spin on things by posting photos of how my children's faces looked while I was working in the kitchen:
"doesn't anyone love me and want to snuggle me?"

"I pretty much hate my life."

No shots of Christian, but he was running around being a pill.  Throwing things down the stairs, stealing food and feeding it to Lola, yelling wild war cries; you can imagine, I'm sure.  I'm not worried, though, because I know they will love me this winter when they have food to eat.  (And they'll be like, "sheesh, Mom, you could've just bought this stuff from the store.)


Kelley said...

Does the neglected baby, the pill and the bored one need gramma to visit tomorrow?

melissa said...

I'm sure they do.