01 May 2014

Fashion Trends for a 5 Year Old

Daphne is pretty specific about her hairstyles these days.

On Tuesday it was "two braids on each side that connect in the middle with a bow."

Wednesday: "Nothing except a bow by my face."

Thursday: "Just one big braid."

So far so good; just please no one give her a Pinterest account with pictures of every intricate hairstyle known to man.  I would be sad and my hands would get tired from trying to make them all work.

Tuesday I took her picture because she looked so cute.

Then she said, "wait, I have to put my hand like this:"

And she pulled out the whole 'hand on the hip' pose that everyone does in pictures these days.  Where did she learn that?   I think it's such a funny pose and it kind of makes me laugh, so I know she didn't learn it from me.  (I know, it slims the arms and accentuates a narrow waist and it IS the popular thing...but I still think it's so funny.)

Maybe she already is checking out Pinterest when I'm not looking?

By the way, today starts 10 whole days of Starbucks Frappuccino Happy Hour.  It didn't work to go today and boy am I sad about it.  This year the Frappuccinos are half price instead of buy one/get one.  Isn't that nice?  You can buy an odd number now!  I was just thinking I could go by myself and buy 3 instead of having to get 2, but then realized I could just buy 1 because that would make more sense.  Good grief. 


Erika said...

Oh my gosh!!! She just kills me more every day. The hairstyle specificity!!! Love it. The hand on hip??!?! Homegirl knows what's up.

Kendra B. said...

I love her posing!! And her specificity with hairstyles. I'm sure you don't love it every day but it sure is an adorable story!