28 April 2014

Two Good Discoveries

I finally caved and bought an OK to Wake Clock.  I'm so cheap, guys: I've wanted one of these clocks for literally years but could never bring myself to spend the money.  Then Zulily had them a few weeks ago for a nice little discount, and I spent two days distracted by thoughts of how lovely it would be to know the kids were going to be in their room until 7 every morning, no matter what time they woke up.  (The clock lights up green at your set 'wake up' time, signaling when your kids can get up; our time is 7AM.) 

The clock is a dream.  If you've been debating for years like I had been, just get over it and get one.  Mornings are much sweeter now that I know exactly how much time I have before Daphne and Christian will come out of their room, and I think it will be quite nice to have that time when the baby comes, too. 

This purchase comes husband approved, by the way.  To quote him, "that clock was a really good buy."  Deep and insightful, right?
and look!  so beloved by the kids, as well

I washed baby clothes today.  Sadly, so many of our gender neutral newborn clothes were covered in yellowish stains left over from Christian's incessant spitting up.  Poor baby number three having to be dressed like that.  I've seen this blog post floating around Pinterest with a recipe for home-made stain remover, so I made it today.  I just WISH I had taken before and after photos! (Because obviously those would be interesting photos to look at.)

I measured 1/2 c hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 c of Dawn dish soap (leftover from making weed killer, not from actually washing dishes with, because OF COURSE I make our dish soap), and 1/4 c of baking soda.  I scrubbed it in, let it sit for an hour, then washed like normal.  I dried them in the sun for extra bleaching power...and it's like magic.  The clothes are perfectly stain-free.  

I tried to get David really excited about this new-found stain removing recipe, but I don't think he was paying too much attention.  Maybe I should magically erase a stain in one of his favorite outfits sometime.  THEN I bet his excitement would rival mine.  

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Kelley said...

I'll bring some of my clothes up. :)