09 April 2014

Look at What He Did to My Baby

I can barely handle it.  I thought maybe Christian would cry when he saw himself (because that's what I wanted to do) but instead he thinks he is the most handsome thing and can't stop gazing at himself and patting his head.  Daphne would like a matching cut (no) and Christian would like me to get one, too (also no). 

On the plus side, I bet he could totally pass for age three now.  I'm sure there are way more perks to being three than being two.  Liiiike.....having to pay for a ticket on an airplane?  So never mind on that.  He definitely needs to go back to being two. 


Erika said...

Ahhhhh!! So sad!! But you really should consider a very cutting-edge buzz cut for yourself. ;)

Kelley said...

Where's my little boy!? He looks like he is ready to spend the summer on the combine and tractor.