03 April 2014

Gardening, A Little Bit

Good thing we chose rainy Tuesday for an OMSI trip, because the cloudy warmth of yesterday and today have been good for outdoor fun.

The kids love it when we clear the driveway so they can ride down on their scooters.  I appreciate Daphne's deep concern for safety by wearing her bicycle hat.  Christian falls down and says, "I OK, Mom, I just crashed over my car."

We figured we wouldn't be doing much gardening this year.  Then we realized we can't handle not doing anything, so we planted up our galvanized tubs with some carrots, peas and lettuce.  Daph and I put in neat and orderly peas and carrots in one pot.  David and Christian had, um, issues with their lettuce.  I looked over and realized they were basically emptying the entire packet of seeds into the tub.  Apparently in 45 days we will have about 1 billion heads of lettuce.

Daphne is requesting tomatoes, peppers, corn and pumpkins also, but I'm telling her she needs to talk to her papa about those things this year.  Sad for us and our tiny garden (yet plentiful amounts of lettuce).   


Kelley said...

Papa ripped the garden up the other Saturday. I am sure he will be happy to have Daphne help plant whatever she wants.

Kelley said...

Papa said he will plant corn for Daphne if she helps with the weeding. :)