08 April 2014

Slices of Life, Vol XIII

A few recent favorites from Christian:

*We were at home with the Nat King Cole station playing on Pandora.
Christian:  "Can we go inside the music?"
Me: He asks this a lot and I never really know how to respond.  "Nope, sorry buddy."
Christian: "Is it because it's dark in there?"

*I asked him if he likes babies.
"No, I don't like babies. I like chocolate that I can eat." 

*BUT, I think he is more into feeling and watching the baby move than his sister is.  Yesterday, after getting kicked by the baby a few times, he asked if he could "bomp the baby."  I didn't know what he meant, but then I noticed his hand in a fist...so I went the safe route and said no to bomping.  Last night he prayed, "fank you I feel the baby movin'."  How sweet is that?

*He's pure boy in how entertaining he finds bodily functions and noises.  The other day he ran up to tell me, "Mom!  It's tooting time!"  He was so excited.

*But then he says things like, "I like those shoes because they make me looks like a pwincess."  

*It warmed my heart when he told me "I want to go to Gwamma's house and ride a tractor with my friend Mommy."

*Then it did the opposite of warm my heart when he said, "Mom, you're big and huge."

Daphne told me the other day that she's decided she's not going to be funny anymore.  I totally don't believe her because she's still making me laugh every day.


*"If you marry your brother then you only have to worry about one grandma!"

*"Did you know the Bible says when kids grow up then their mama and daddy become grammas and papas?"

*She likes the baby, too:
"wake up and come out, baby!"



Lori said...

Oh. My. Word. So adorable....especially that last photo...my heart is melting.

Michelle said...

To be fair to Christian, it seems the baby was trying to "bomp" him to begin with. Haha.
And I'm glad Daphne is not succeeding in being less funny. That would make my life a little sadder for sure.

Plus that last picture of her... so adorable!

Kelley said...

I love those two! And the chickens need to be feed.

Shelley Smucker said...

I tell you, your kids say THE funniest things! I seriously would buy a book of all of their little sayings. Seriously. And not just because I know you. Whatever. P.S. Christian looks like he's about 5 or something. Growing up sooooo fast!!