21 April 2014

Eggs and Matching Blues

I said to David, "Don't you think this year it would be fun to make our own egg dyes using food and spices?"

His response was basically along the lines of, no.

But that could not stop me!  I didn't go crazy...just beets, coffee and turmeric, since those items were readily available in my cupboards.  Cooking them was a fun and sensory-filled experience as our kitchen smelled like an Indian coffee shop that sells beets and vinegar.  How delightful is that?

The colors turned out lovely.  More subtle than the store-bought kits, but kind of earthy and natural looking.  I definitely recommend this project.

David almost missed our egg-dying due to overtime at work (story of our lives), but we kept the kids up late so he could participate.

(When he finally came home he took a drink of the coffee dye.  He said it did not taste good.)

And while I do endorse making your own egg colors, I don't so much endorse doing a project that involves dye at a time of night when the kids are usually sleeping.  Just a good parenting tip for you right there.

After eggs and basically shoving some overly-hyper kids into their beds, Daph sang Christian to sleep with an Easter song she composed herself.  It went something like,

Tomorrow is a special Church Day
Because Jesus is Alive.
We are so happy, 
Because Jesus is alive.  

Before church the kids hunted for eggs.  We very nearly lost one, but Christian finally found it wedged into the toe of one of my boots.  That would have been an unfortunate egg to lose track of.  

While giving the kids hints as to where to find eggs, I clearly remembered hunting eggs once many years ago, and my dad's hint being "do you think it snowed last night?"  So of course I excitedly looked out the window only to see no snow and just a dumb egg on the window sill.  A major let down that's never been forgotten.  

As far as Easter outfits go, I wanted the kids to match this year.  Daphne got a new little blue dress and Christian already owned a matching blue shirt, and then even David owns a few blue shirts, so they all got to match.  I own nothing blue so I did not match.  That was sad.  At least the three of them looked beautiful and handsome.  (Daphne insisted on wearing her fur vest because it's her favorite, even though it kind of hid her dress.  Oh well.)

This was the first Sunday David has been to church with us since Christmas. We liked it. 
the bow tie did not go to church

and then there's that...

Happy Easter!

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