13 April 2014

Livin' it Up, Spring Style


fantastic craigslist find

10,000 lettuces

so clearly David's son when doing this weird thing with his shorts

forgive the horrendous swim outfit C is wearing.  both kids desperately need suits


Fun Fact about H&M Children's Clothing (in case you're needing to summer shop for some kids):  I think they're magical because somehow they grow with your child.  All the shirts I got for Christian last summer still fit him this summer, even though he is several inches taller.  All his shorts from last summer fit this summer, especially because his buns are much slimmer without a cloth diaper.  All he needs for the summer is shoes and swim shorts and possibly a church shirt or two.  Isn't that nice?  Daphne's H&M sundresses lasted two summers, so this year she gets a couple of new ones.  Those H&M Basics: fabulous.  And so cheap. 

Fun Fact about Ikea Popsicle Molds (in case you know kids who like popsicles):  They are the best ones.  I bought one set a few years ago and loved it so much I went to buy another, but they were already sold out for the season.  I experimented with a few other brands from other stores and none compared to Ikea's.  The next year I bought another set of Ikea ones, and I guard them like priceless treasures because losing them would be devastating.  In a first world problem kind of way, obviously.    

(No one paid me to say those things, although they probably should have.)

Fun Fact about Our Week:  If David gets home on time tonight, it will be the first time since going to days that he's gotten to be home every single evening of the work week.  This is the complete opposite of last week where he was gone every single evening.  The days are so. much. better. when he is home at night.  

Just one more fact to share...seems like we may have some twinsies here; what do you think?
that's my dad there on the left

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GrandpaR said...

Well they both started off cute.... hope the one on the right fares better.