28 March 2014

Mornings at Home

This morning I heard Daphne say, "Christian, do you want to get some books and sit together and snuggle?"  So that's what they did while I took a shower.  (Some screaming and fighting was involved, just FYI.  Can't have you thinking they're too perfect.)

Then they moved to our little 'sitting room,' as I like to call it.

And then onto a boat ride in the laundry basket.


Quiet mornings at home, where we don't have to rush ourselves out the door, are my favorite kind of mornings.

Today is still special, though.  A friend and I have taken to exchanging childcare on a regular basis.  I take her kids one morning and then she'll take mine for another morning.  This type of arrangement is the MOST WONDERFUL arrangement of all time.  You would think that the mornings I had all the kids would be a little crazy, maybe the hardest part of this whole exchange.  In fact, the kids play so well together that the days they're all here are just as much a babysitting morning for me as the days I drop my kids off.  I do dishes, laundry, and I've even sat down with my coffee while they've played.

Today was my morning with this kids so I pulled out a tub of teeny tiny baby things to start organizing and finding a home for.  It's pretty fun to be on kid #3 and have a better idea of what I like using and what I don't like.  I loved these Woombies with Christian.  They look so funny but they were fabulous for a quick and easy swaddling that couldn't come loose. I only bought two for him and had to wash those two every day, so this time around I will get a couple more.  I never liked the bassinet we had for the first two babies, so I got rid of that one and want to get a Sleep-&-Play instead.   Hopefully we won't need a crib until the new house because I really don't feel like having to squeeze that thing back into this house.  (We took it out since C stopped using it.) 

Oh, and we have to buy a new car.  We're thinking SUV with a third row seat so that we can have 4-wheel drive and be able to tow the trailer.  It's hard to choose the right one, though, so if you have expertise on the matter please let us know.  Buying cars is not our most favorite activity because cars are boring.  Maybe we should take Christian's advice and get a garbage truck instead? 


Nutty Mom said...

Wehave been throug lots of cars to fit with 3 car seats. We loved our tahoe, hated the ford explorer, disliked the hyundai santa fe, DESPISED the dodge caravan, tolerated the saturn outlook (same as a gmc acadia), and we currently LOVE our nissan pathfinder.

melissa said...

You have so much information regarding cars! Tahoes, Pathfinders and Explorers are on our list...hmm.

Kramer Family said...

We have a Honda Pilot and Love it! (Seats 8) However, now having 5 kids we are planning in a few years to upgrade possibly to a GMC Yukon. The Pilot is great, however, the 3rd row is quite a snug fit, but with younger kids they are totally fine. My nephews fit fine in the third row at 10 & 12 year olds and we actually just open the back and they crawl in. We have found its easier to just do that since we put 3 car seats in the front. I really like it because I don't fee like I'm driving a boat around.