17 March 2014

Monday Dates

Mondays are kind of our low-key day; our Saturday, I guess you could say?  We try to keep any plans to a minimum so that we can hang out at home or go out...whatever suits our fancy.  Today we came up with a real gem of a plan: split up and do a Daddy/Son Date and Mommy/Daughter Date.  It was crazy how excited the kids were about this idea.  Christian kept saying, "I go bye-bye with Daddy, I not go bye-bye with Mama."  Just in case I got confused and accidentally took him with me. 

Who knows what the boys did, but Daph and I had a swell time.  I spent the first part teaching her some good cheers like "Girl Power!" and "Girls Rule and Boys Drool!"  She kept saying, "But boys rule, too, Mom."  Fine.  Whatever.  Don't listen to anything I have to say. 

She and I went to the Learning Palace to play, walked through Home Goods, had lunch at Ikea and walked around to look at a few things we are considering for our new house (and found one of the things we wanted in the As Is section for a zillion percent off and in perfect condition because it was just a return!!), then finished off with some time at the library doing puzzles and picking out books.  Doesn't she choose good activities? 

Both kids had such a good time; we know we'll have to do this type of event more often.  Daphne is already planning that next time we will go somewhere to get vanilla ice cream.  I'm hoping this next baby is a boy because that means in the future David will have to take two kids while I will only have to take one. 
does she look really grown up here or is it just me?

trying each cooked veggie to tell me the difference between each one


Shelley Smucker said...

Oh Daphne….I will never tire of the things that she says! And your mommy/daughter date sounded straight out of all of my wildest dreams, basically. Can I come on the next one??!

And it's not just you, she is totally growing up.

Are you going to find out what you're having? Bet you've never been asked that before. Ha.

Erika said...

I clearly need to be working on Daphne's tutelage...choosing VANILLA ice cream as your idea of a big day out?? That's a cry for help if I've ever heard one.