02 March 2014

It's Raining Out

(The title has nothing to do with this post.  But I was spending so much time trying to think of a title that I finally just gave in and made up a sentence.  It really is raining, though; I didn't make that part up.)

David was home from work ON TIME last night.  We celebrated with a pizza/movie party because we know how to live it up big.  We even used paper plates.  Daphne is already asking if we can have another pizza party tonight, so I guess this idea was a good one?  If you need a fun recipe to throw in your meal planning mix, we did this little twist on pizza (twist, haha) called Twisted Pizza Breadsticks.  (Except we make our own dough, of course.)  These would be great for large groups, they're not messy when kids are eating them, and the leftovers are nice for David to take in his lunch because they travel well. A win-win recipe for so many reasons.

I'm sure I read somewhere that children who enjoy puzzles are extra smart children.  I never really liked puzzles, so that would explain a lot.  Anyways, Daphne loves puzzles so much right now that we could probably own a thousand of them and she would go through each one over and over, never getting tired.  Recently I made the grave mistake of buying her a 25 piece puzzle.  She flew through that thing in about 4 minutes and never needed a bit of help.  100 piece ones are her thing.  She only has one and she's done it so many times she nearly has it memorized.  What a nerdy little child I have. 

Speaking of nerds, look at these two reading away, cozied up in their respective chairs:

Our new house will have a large and open floor plan for the most part, but I love that we've included a few little tucked away places if one needs to sneak away for some personal quiet time.  I have a feeling those spots will get used quite often*.

*"Often" being used rather cautiously of course, as a small child basically has the attention span of a gnat when it comes to quiet and solo activities. 


Scooter said...

I love puzzles so I will be keeping some on hand for when Daphne comes to visit. Conner loves puzzles too so I already have some but they are 24 piece puzzles and it sounds like Daph is way past this stage. :) On to the 100 pieces it is. Now lets go shopping.

Kelley said...

I might take offense at the puzzle lover is a nerdy child as I gave her the puzzle and bought more for when she stays here. And I like working on puzzles with her. I guess we will be nerdy together.