26 March 2014

It's Raining Out

I think I used ^that^ title not too long ago, but today the rain is making us all a little sad after all our recent sun and warmth.  I even got tan lines!  For a minute we were able to trick ourselves into thinking it was May and we were that much closer to getting to move into our new house.  Just kidding.  It's March.  And the outlets stopped working in the master bathroom and laundry room so now we use an extension cord into the kitchen to use the washer.  Oh, this house...bless its tiny little heart. 

We escaped to Albany for a few days where we got to hang out with family and friends and chickens.  I think Christian kissed a girl for the first time.  Like not a cousin or sister.  A real girl.  It was the sweetest thing and if I knew it was going to happen I would've taken a picture. I'm pretty sure it was a seal of betrothal?  Because that would mean I would be co-moms with Shelley and how fun would Christmas be if that were the case?

Now we're back and finally watching Frozen because that seems to be what all the cool kids are doing these days. My family is yelling for popcorn and since the housekeeper doesn't seem to be responding I guess that means I should get to work. 
chicken trying to steal his strawberry

with his friends

D was supposed to be in this picture, too, but she wouldn't cooperate

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GrandpaR said...

I can't believe no one has commented on the "action shot" of the leaping chicken!

Must be the internet age, no one is amazed by anything anymore.