14 March 2014

Oh Hi, Spring; We've Been Waiting For You

David looks weird here

David worked eight days last week for training and then got a five day weekend.  We spent two days in Albany chasing chickens and picking thousands of daffodils, and then came home to the most beautiful almost-spring weather.  Our front door is perpetually open and I'm constantly finding a spare child or two in my yard or living room.  My kids are having the time of their lives meeting all the neighbor kids who are coming out to see the sun, and I like that they can make themselves at home here.

We spent the warmest afternoon down at 'our' new playground.  We still can't believe we'll get to live there soon.  We had supper at our newest favorite cafe, just a few minute drive from our property and somewhere I imagine we'll be spending lots of morning coffee dates and afternoon sandwich lunches.

The passing of this long winter and arrival of this spring signals the coming changes we've been waiting so long for.  Are we dreaming?  Because it sure feels like it. 

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