23 February 2014

We're So Cool Now, We Go to OMSI

It's been almost a week ago now, but hey, we went to OMSI for the first time!  We were gifted with a family pass for Christmas, and after the wild success of our first trip last Tuesday, we know we will be going back more than enough times to make our pass worth it.  It only takes 3 visits for us to make up the cost.  Isn't that crazy?  So if you think you will go to OMSI 3 times in a year, may as well buy a pass and at least get free parking out of the deal.  Or just come with me because I can take 4 kids and Christian doesn't count because under age 3 is free.  Let's work the system, guys.

Christian's favorite was the sand and the water.  Water fun, then sandbox, then water, then sandbox, for a good two hours.  He was a mess afterward. 

Daph loved it all, but mostly she loved running into a school friend.  All that fun stuff to do and finding a friend was her favorite part. 
OMSI is fun for more than the children, apparently

no, you canNOT be an astronaut when you grow up.  space scares me.

After OMSI we went for pizza at Flying Pie.  David and I went there for our first date eons ago but we haven't been back since.  Wait, I just lied.  David's 30th birthday party was there, but it was in the big meeting room, not in the regular restaurant.  This was my first time back to the regular restaurant since that date back in 2003. 

(David actually remembered that booth, not me)

what a morning at BSF and afternoon at OMSI will do

We feel like real Portlanders now that we have an OMSI pass.  Too bad we're about to become not-Portlanders. 

Speaking of not-Portland, Daphne told me she doesn't want to move to another country.  I said she didn't really need to worry about that right now, and that's when she told me that moving to Oregon City is moving to another country.  I promised her it's not, but she still needed convincing that OC is in fact in the United States of America.  That girl needs a map.
Fortunately for us, our move will not require a Passort nor a Visa, and we will still be able to visit OMSI.  And stick with English as our primary language.

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