14 February 2014

St Valentine Was a Totally Cool Guy!

Valentine's Day is so fun.

We don't do anything fancy.  Partly because David has worked nights up until this past fall, so even before we had kids he was usually gone when I got home from work.  I'm not sure we've ever gone out for Valentine's?  Now-a-days with the kids, how exactly does one go about securing childcare?  Do you call someone up and say, "hey, you seem like the type of person with no plans for the 14th, want to watch my kids?"  That must be an awkward call to make.

So our day was spent otherwise because I hate making phone calls, especially awkward ones. First thing was the kids waking up to Valentine treats Daddy had left them.  Daphne got a little Lego airplane set.  After putting it together I texted David and said, "Do you realize your gift meant I was putting together a Lego set at 6:30 in the morning?"  Legos are cool, just not necessarily my favorite thing to sit and do.  Especially before the sun comes up.  

Next up was churning out sugar cookies for decorating.  Christian mushed his dough into the counter top.  That was fun to clean up.  Daphne made one super fat heart cookie and spent the rest of the time playing with her dough like play-doh.  

Then we made a quick morning trip out to visit to David while he was at work, a plate of cookies in hand.  

Once we were at Starbucks my kids acted like they were wild beasts recently freed from the zoo.  The whole trip basically succeeded in making me really hot.  On the way home as Daphne was asking her multitudes of questions, I told her I needed to take a break from the talking for a few minutes.  Logically, she turned to Christian with her questions:

"Christian, why do some cars drive faster than others?"

"Race cars fast.  We race car.  We drive fast."

"No, Christian, that's not the right answer."

I'm guessing she won't be going to him for more advice anytime soon?

This morning I read this article about the man Valentine's Day was rumored to have started for.  It's a very interesting and good article and gave me great inspiration for what celebrating Valentine's can really mean.  Sure, this guy was all about marriage, and that's cool, but he was also about sacrificing in order to love someone else.  I would say this inspired me to think about Valentine's Day as a day to make a point to sacrificially love someone, no matter who they are to me.  Logical people to love are my husband and kids, but delivering a meal, cookies, offering to take in children so someone else can go out for a date...pointedly finding ways to allow our family to show love; I think this sounds like a most delightful way to celebrate Valentine's from now on.  (Not loving the beheading part, so I'll probably do my best to stay away from that.  Don't mind me as I'm over here being safely and comfortably sacrificial.)

Today was a little late notice to get started on this, so for my record:

1)  Drove the kids all the way to the Lloyd District to deliver Valentine cookies to David: points for the driving and the hurriedly making of the cookies, but negative points because I got coffee out of the deal. 
2)  Made Daphne sacrificially love me by not talking to me in the car:  points for her and many negative points for me.
3)  Scheduled a late afternoon play date with sweet friends while our husbands were working strange hours so our kids could have a fun mini-Valentine party and we could visit:  a few points for me for baking cookies and letting the kids help because THE MESS they make, negative points for me because making people come visit me is not sacrificial it's wonderful.

So yes, next year I'll try to do better.  Feel free to tell me ways to be nice to other people because I think I might need help. 
cookie decorating party

baking helpers

working hard on Valentine's, probably her favorite activity she's ever done

'you make the world glow'

with the littlest Valentine


Lori said...

I don't know how you do it, but you get more beautiful the older you get....

Grandma "B" said...

I think inviting someone over for a Valentine's party and a visit is a gracious thing to do.

We've been celebrating special events at lunch time for over 20 years. We also never feel like the special occasion had to be celebrated on the scheduled day. It also made it easier to trade childcare with friends so each couple could have a date. :o)

Hello From the Kings! said...

A. I couldn't agree with Lori more, you are gorgeous!!!
B. This comment "Once we were at Starbucks my kids acted like they were wild beasts recently freed from the zoo. " made me LOL!!!!
C. Love reading your blog!

Shelley Smucker said...

I'm just trying to figure out how you are brave enough to take your children to a coffee shop. It always sounds so wonderful but I'm not sure I would ever attempt it! Ha. I LOVE your idea about sacrificially loving others on Valentine's Day. What a better alternative to the "Boo-hoo I'm single and so I guess this day sucks and is useless" attitude. Bravo! I may have to blog about it too. As always, your post made me laugh. So points for you for that, too.