07 February 2014

Snowy Adventures

I did NOT know snow was coming!  Such a good surprise, and so fun to have a significant amount that will stick around for a few days.  Plus, Instagram is always so entertaining during snow time. 

If Christian would keep gloves on I think he would last a little longer outside.  Daphne's H&M clearance Hello Kitty hat and gloves keep her so well insulated that I had to drag her in after an hour with the bribery of a snack.

I do miss our woodstove today.  And all our fun neighbors who would've played outside with us were we still neighbors.  This new neighborhood has been silent today, leaving us the run of untouched streets to leave our footprints in.

This afternoon, in lieu of snuggling by the fire, we're going to make these peanut butter banana muffins and these sandwich rolls for supper.   Hopefully they will warm us up, because brrr.  It's cold out there. 

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