08 February 2014

My (Professionsal, Obviously) Thoughts on the Opening Ceremonies

As the Opening Ceremonies were going on last night, I was thinking it would be so nice that instead of some big, grandiose performance that borders on weird, they should just have a choir sing or something.  Keep it simple.  Almost immediately after that thought came into my head is when the men's choir sang the state song and I thought it was lovely!  Then David started singing along.  For reals, and I was wondering how on earth he knew the Russian national anthem?  He played vague for awhile, then spent a good amount of time trying to convince me that he is a Russian spy, and finally when I was getting confused and desperate for the truth, told me he knows it from the soundtrack from The Hunt for Red October.  I suppose if you have some sort of event where you need someone to perform the Russian state song, he's your guy.  (For the record, if your event needs the Thai national anthem, I'm your girl for that one.  We had to sing it every morning before school at GIS and it's just stuck in my head.  It helps that I practice it every once in awhile just to keep it fresh.)

Another Olympics related story:  a few weeks ago the USA sweaters were revealed on the Today show.  I'm not gonna lie, when I saw them I thought they were joking. I thought maybe they were a funny play off of ugly Christmas sweaters since those are so popular these days?  When I realized they were in fact the real thing I felt kind of badly.  Last night when USA walked out, David made some sort gagging/choking/chuckling noise and said, "What on earth are they wearing?  They look like ugly Christmas sweaters."  So either both David and I have extremely poor fashion taste, or the USA outfits were a little strange.  On the positive side, come Christmas they can just applique a Christmas tree under one of those white stars and they will be set for a festive holiday outfit. 

I guess those are my only thoughts.  I fell asleep before Russia came out but I looked up their outfits this morning.  They seemed pretty cool.  I knitted one and a half dishcloths while watching the show (before falling asleep).  I'm trying to go through all my yarn and get it knitted up before we move again in a few months.  So far I've done, like, 8 dishcloths and a big, white, infinity scarf.  Knitting and the Winter Olympics go together quite well. 

We got more snow yesterday and last night and are planning on getting more today, so David surprised us by taking today off.  Isn't that fantastic?!  This type of fun snow doesn't happen all that often and I think it's great that he gets to be here to enjoy it with the kids.  Last night he took Daphne sledding on the hill down the block.  She cried alligator tears when they had to come back home, so a  full day of sledding is definitely on her schedule.  We're also making snow ice cream and doing some baking.  Maybe we'll be brave and head out to Starbucks.  Doesn't it sound like a perfect day?  

Now if only I had a USA sweater.  I could sew a snowman on mine. 


Nutty Mom said...

I agree, tbe sweaters were awful. I don't think any other country was dressed as poorly as ours. Most of the others looked hip and cool in ski suits and such and then there's the US looking drab and dull in ugly Christmas sweaters!

Kelley said...

Last Olympics, the clothes were made in China. This time they are just plain ugly. What is Ralph thinking?