09 February 2014

More Snowy Adventures

Church is canceled today but David still had to go to work.  He says the roads are terrible (loved getting that emergency broadcast text from the city telling us to stay indoors, as if we were about to be invaded by space aliens or something; very exciting) so the three of us are making the best of a Sunday at home.  We're painting, cooking, watching a movie WITH popcorn, using the art easel, possibly making this flubber recipe if we need to fill some more time; basically doing 10 days worth of fun projects in one day.

Yesterday was a good day, though.  I don't know how Daphne can have so much stamina when it comes to playing out in the cold, but she tromped around outside for hours.  The little hill down the block made for good sledding, and then once the ice started it made for great sledding.  Both kids had the time of their lives down there.

Good memories for this winter.
"c'mon Lola!"

haha...not quite

he says, "I yike dis.  I do dis again."


too much snow in the face to make a good snow angel

not thrilled with the snow that went down her shirt

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Shelley Smucker said...

You are a great mom. And I cannot wait for you to be able to settle in to the "big house" and see all the lovely pictures! For now I will be content with stalking your pinterest. I can only imagine there were lots of emotions/feelings/panic/stress and awful days to sort through with the move….we dealt with moving but not with selling and I can't even imagine. But you're strong, you will survive! And you're doing great. Wish we could see you more!