31 January 2014

Life Lately

I haven't been on here much, partly because most of what I could write would just come out sounding bratty and whiny and complainy.  Haha.  Nothing bad.  It's not like my legs have fallen off or our house burned down or we accidentally let our Netflix subscription die or anything terrible like that.

That crazy cold I got before Christmas still won't go away, and is back again in full force.  What is up with that?  Poor David, who thought his overtime would go away when he went to day shift was waaaaayyy off base.  Most days he leaves before the kids get up and gets home after they're in bed.  They really miss him because they don't get why he has to be at work all the time.  They wait for him and wait for him and are so disappointed when they have to go to bed without seeing him.

Small victory/poorly-timed-event:  Christian decided he wanted to start wearing big boy underwear last night.  This is great news, except it means I have to potty train him.  Fortunately, I think because he showed such great interest and self-initiation, he's doing a great job.  Only 8 hours in and he can already go by himself when he needs to.  He says to Daphne and I, "I'm so proud of me!" 

Another small joy is that both my kids rest at the same time with little issue, so that's 45 minutes starting promptly at 1 o'clock where I don't have to talk to anyone.

See, I know most husbands who work 12-14 hour days work more than 4 days a week, so I know we have it fairly easy there.  My kids can both walk and talk and tell me what they need.  They rest at the same time.  Every mom in the world is going through these exact same things right now.  That's why I know not to throw myself any pity parties. 

Still, I may have spent one of those recent 45 minute chunks Googling "hotel spas that do prenatal massages."  I think this one looks good.  I told David about it and he said, "yeah, maybe we could go there for a night before the baby is born."  I didn't tell him I was thinking 'me' and like, 5 nights, but whatever. 


Kelley said...

I can watch the kidlets. :)

Michelle said...

Yay Christian! You will be so lucky to only have one in diapers when #3 gets here!

Also, feel better soon so we can come hang out! We semi-single moms need to stick together. (So the kids can be entertained by someone other than us and so we can talk to real adults more often! Ha!)