22 January 2014

Sliced of Life, Vol VII

*The kids are sharing a room in our rental and will continue to share when we move into 'the big house,' as Daphne usually calls it.  We set up D's bumble bed and C's crib, but Christian kept asking to sleep in the bumble bed until finally maybe 3 nights into our move we let him have the top bunk.  (Daph has decided she wants the bottom now.) A night or two of that and he just plain wanted to share Daphne's bed with her.  For as snuggly as she is, she did not appreciate his wanting to share a pillow at night.

So the compromise of the blanket curtain was born and now they are both happy.  Although at bedtime I have to say to Christian "do not bite Daphne's toes," because he likes to do that.

*Christian calls restaurants 'nummy houses.'  We've been going to a lot of nummy houses recently.

*Although our house sale closed on Friday, our money didn't land in our bank until yesterday.  Yesterday afternoon also happened to be the first afternoon since we moved that we didn't have plans, so it officially became Celebration Evening.  We bought bar stools at Ikea and went to Red Robin, the kids' favorite restaurant.  Nothing more festive than that combination.  A teeny tiny baby and his family happened to be sitting in the booth next to us, so I pointed him out to Christian.  He said, "Yucky, that's gross."  It appears we have a lot of work to do to prepare him for our new baby. 

*Speaking of babies, he also thinks that since there is a baby in my tummy, clearly that means I ate a baby with my mouth.  Maybe that's why he thinks babies are gross?

*During our bedtime prayers I ask the kids what they want to pray about.  Daphne usually asks that God will keep her safe from nightmares and that He will heal everyone's owies, and Christian asks to pray for pirates.  So we pray that all the pirates will learn to love Jesus, because I think most pirates are kind of bad people and it seems a little Jesus in their lives wouldn't hurt?  I'm not sure. 

*This morning on our way to BSF Daphne told me that Daddy is her favorite person in our family because she just likes people with short hair and people with beards.  I lose on both accounts, I guess.

*Out of the blue the other morning Daph asked, "Are there still marigolds on this earth?"  I had no idea where she was going with that question.  I know she loves marigolds, so maybe she was concerned because she doesn't see them around right now because it's winter?  I asked her what she meant.

"Marigolds are the good things God does," she said.  "I learned that at Bible study.  So are there still marigolds on this earth?"

Miracles.  Are there still miracles on this earth.

You betcha, sweet girl.  May your eyes and heart always be sensitive to recognizing God's hand in your life. 


Donna said...

Daphne is a marigold herself!

Amy Manzella said...

From now on I will thank God for His many marigolds.

Lori said...

That is the sweetest thing I've ever heard! I love it. Funny, but I love that Christian prays for pirates..,. There's beauty in a boy too.... You just have to be able to recognize it, don't ya?

Shelley Smucker said...

I don't know why you aren't making millions from your blog (yet) because NO blog makes me laugh like yours does. I wish I could swoop in and make you meals and do your laundry and lots of back rubs and other such things! Because I know the horrors of moving. Boo. But soon you will be in the big beautiful house and all troubles will fade away. Ha. Love the posts, keep them coming!