01 January 2014

Some Photos For Me to Look At

I haven't eaten since LAST YEAR and I am SO hungry. 

(Oh man, I just love the 'last year' jokes.)

Christmas week was wild and fun, and now we're packing away Christmas and packing away our house, which is a rather sad combination.  It looks like we're moving next week, guys.  NEXT WEEK. 

I keep looking at Christmas pictures to remember what our house looked like when it wasn't half empty, and mulling over all the 'lasts' we're experiencing.  

(warning: photo heavy.)
last street football game on Christmas Eve

reading The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve

last Christmas morning stockings

After Christmas Eve at our house and Christmas morning opening socks, we jetted down to Albany for two days of more Christmas fun.
stockings at GiGi's

presents downstairs at Gigi's

I finally get to sit at the adult table

Boxing Day at GAB's, playing trivia and Skyping in GAL from AK. 

arts and crafts at GAB's

Then we came home for our traditional family Christmas day.  We've really enjoyed spending a few crazy days with family, but then getting to spend a day doing our gifts at home without feeling like we have to rush off to another event. 

I love that it takes the kids FOREVER to open their gifts because we have the time to open one and play with it for as long as we want before moving on.  It's so relaxing, calm, and fun. 
shocked to wake up to gifts on the 27th

a truck theme

Melissa & Doug ice cream and the coolest ever mix/match stacking flowers

she proudly makes us flowers

Alright, now I have a large collection of normal and happy photos to look at during these next couple of weeks of complete unrest. 


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