24 December 2013

Big 5

Last night as I hugging Daphne before bed I told her, "This is my last night hugging you as a four year old!"

"It's OK, Mom," she said, "Someday Christian will be four and then you'll have another four year old to hug!"

Her thoughtfulness is one of the many things I love about her. 

birthday breakfast



measuring up

She asked weeks ago for a Frosty the Snowman cake where Frosty had a pipe and hat and scarf, so I've been plotting and planning, figuring out the best way to make this happen.  Decorating cakes isn't really my thing.  But we came up with a good plan and I was ready to move forward...until this afternoon when she decided she wanted to decorate her own cake.
licking beaters is good

stunning creation

She also cut and served the cake, waiting to be the last one with cake, as any good hostess would.  Like I said, thoughtful. 

I could say many more things, but really, if you read this blog or know her in real life, you already know.  (And right now I'm basically typing with my eyes closed because of extreme tiredness...)  So, I promise, future Daphne who is reading this blog, I have much I could say now and much I have said before. 

But most importantly, you are definitely the best Christmas present our family has ever gotten. 

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