07 December 2013

More Snow Please!

Apparently David's ability to predict winter weather is spot on.  It's not even officially winter yet (or as Daph has taken to call it, Winter Solstice) and we already got a small bit of snow. 

When Daphne woke up yesterday and I told her to look out the window, well, I wish you could have seen her face.  "My wish for snow came true!" she exclaimed.  She's been checking the calendar every day, asking to count down to when it will snow, and since such thing is impossible to do I'm glad she got a little bit of something to help tide her over. 

She wanted to go play right away but I made her eat breakfast first.  Even Christian was pretty excited to "go outside, play snow?" Probably feeding off of Daphne's excitement.  They ate breakfast standing up so they could keep their eyes on what was going on outside. 

She stayed outside for at least an hour, and as soon as she came back in wanted to go back out.   Poor little Christian does not own proper winter clothing (not even a coat!  What is wrong with me as a mother?) nor does he have gloves, so he got chilly quickly.  He went in and out a few times, based on which neighbors were out to play with us.  

This morning David is off to Salem to run in some kind of race.  They got a lot more snow than we did, but apparently the race people are having a really big bonfire to help prevent frostbite in the runners.  The kids and I are not going to the race.  We would freeze and die.

We spent the rest of the day snug inside with the woodstove going, tree lights on, Christmas music playing, Christmas treats in the oven, and a big tent set up in the living room.  Is there really a better way to enjoy a snow day?

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