02 December 2013

Tree Hunting With No Rain! Yay!

It seems like we're the last people on the entire planet to get our Christmas tree.  We're so late this year with it being December 2nd already.  

Next year we'll have to establish a new location for eating our tree-finding sustenance.  The little doughnut place in Gresham where we've been going will be too far out of the way.

I think our tree farm will be able to stay the same, which is good because the owners remember us each year and we really enjoy going there.

This year Daphne told us all that she was in charge of our tree hunting.  First thing she made us do was a little hand-pile-cheer thing.  Then she told us we were supposed to go our separate ways and each look for trees all by ourselves.  She was really bossy about it all.

Mostly, though, there was a lot of screaming and chasing each other through the trees, leaving me as the only one who was doing what I was supposed to be doing.  Then when I found the perfect tree Daphne was mad because SHE was supposed to find the perfect tree, but really, the trees she was picking out were kind of hideous.  Not that I would ever tell her that.  One of her major disqualifiers was if the tree was wet we couldn't get it, and no amount of explaining that it rained yesterday and so 99.9% of the trees were wet would convince her that actually a wet tree was kind of expected.

We're going to have to squeeze getting our tree up after naps and before David leaves for BSF.  Hopefully that's enough time because we can't do it tomorrow night or Wednesday night and it seems a crying shame to have a tree just waiting for us in the dark and cold garage for so many days.

Happy tree hunting to you all!  Even though I'm sure you already have yours. 


Kelley said...

I guess D will need to find a tree for us as we don't have one. I'll accept a 'Charlie Brown' tree. :)

Lori said...

Great post!

Shelley Smucker said...

I am FINAlLY catching up on blogs after a long sabbatical from all things internet. First of all...that lot! That neighborhood! Sounds like you really will be having the best of both worlds with life in the country and close to the city!! Lucky you. Secondly, your tree picking has me feeling a bit wistful. We are leaving for Florida on the 19th and won't be back until the end of December so I don't think we'll even do one this year! :( But going to Florida is never something to be very wistful about, now is it? Love the updates, keep them coming!!

Erika said...

Oh, your trees in Oregon are wet? YOUR TREES ARE SO SAD!!!! ;) Just kidding. It rained here once, too. Daphne might have a much easier time choosing a tree here, though, with that kind of tough criteria. Also, do you find the drive home with the tree on top of the car to be the most traumatizing minutes of your year? I swear I'm taking Xanax next year.