18 December 2013

The Santa that Was

Here's Christian watching Daphne's little school Christmas program yesterday morning:

Here's Christian sneaking up front to hug Daphne at her little school Christmas program yesterday morning:

He is all about being on stage these days, apparently.  One thing I love about Daphne and Christian's relationship is that while she is the brave one with no inhibitions, and while he the more timid one, if he sees her go, he becomes brave and follows in her footsteps.  I love that she clears the path for him and that he trusts her enough to do what she does.  They are a good match. 

Like last night when we visited Santa.  (Yes!  He was there!)  He's pretty fascinated by Santa this year, but I know if he was by himself he never would have gone up to visit him.  But Daphne's not scared.  So he followed her and got his candy cane and now Santa is his hero.

He was not happy to stay and get a picture.  Once you get your candy cane it's not like you need anything more from the guy.

I think it was two Christmases ago that it was on the tip of my tongue to ask Daphne what she wanted for Christmas.  Then I caught myself because she did not know you can ask for gifts, and I figured I wouldn't encourage this train of thought in her.  So I didn't ask, and she has never been one to ask for specific gifts for her birthday or Christmas.  Two years ago Santa asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she asked for a candy cane, because she knew that's what he gives when you visit him.   This year she's super focused on wanting a yo-yo.  I don't know where she came up with that, and I'm afraid if she does get a yo-yo she'll be disappointed that she won't be able to make it go up and down as effortlessly as she seems to think she'll be able.

(Who am I to be doubting her skills??  I don't think that's what mothers are supposed to do.  But I can hardly work a yo-yo, so I guess I just expect that she, too, will struggle.)

(I made the mistake of showing her yo-yo clips on YouTube.  There are freakishly amazing yo-yo people on there...now her expectations for herself are EXTREMELY high.) 

Anyways, she told Santa last night that she wants a yo-yo.  So, appointed yo-yo buyer (Becca), you better be on your game, because this is the first thing she's ever told Santa that she wanted. 

***Update to the doughnut cutter story:  apparently after he went to Kitchen Kaboodle, David went to Macy's to see if they had doughnut cutters.  When he asked the employee about them, she, according to him, "opened her mouth and laughed like a wild hyena" because she thought he was kidding.  Who kids about doughnut cutters, I ask you?

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