16 December 2013

Let's Talk Doughnuts for a Sec

I went into Kitchen Kaboodle today where I saw a doughnut cutter, and since I've been wanting one for forever I got it.  Yay!  No more cutting out doughnut circles with a table knife!

Later I showed David my purchase, so excited about it and everything, and he told me that HE went to Kitchen Kaboodle to buy a doughnut cutter for me for Christmas, but the employee told him that sorry, she just sold the last one to a lady who had been in recently.  That lady was me!!  Haha!   Poor David to have his excellent gift plan thwarted by me!

Random question:  how do you like to spell 'doughnut?'  The official way (doughnut) or the cheater way (donut)?  I know that's a hard question, so think about it carefully before you answer. 

Last night at church Christian did this:

During the singing he just marched himself up onto the stage and looked out at the crowd, giving us a wave every now and again.  I was laughing so hard I was crying because this is not like him at all.  He's not really one for crowds or being the center of attention.  David went and got him when he started inching toward the piano because I knew he wanted to start playing and that could've been disastrous.

He also stole other people's candles, and he was brave enough to 'sing' in the live nativity.

And David borrowed my sweater.

AND I have a headache because FYI, selling a house can be a wee bit stressful. 


Meeka said...

That is the best story about you and David and the donut cutter. I love it!

Erika said...

Ahhhh!! That is too funny that you thwarted his amazing gift idea!! And people in my office debate the doughnut spelling thing, but I'm never one for cheater shortcuts-- spell it out, people. I think Christian is just beginning to realize that he's going to have to step up his game if he wants to make a name for himself, what with Daphne's antics and hilariousness...you better keep him from getting TOO funny or I'll have to kidnap BOTH of your kids, and I'd just feel really bad about that...