04 December 2013

This Tree Won't Be Winning Any Beauty Awards

Let me tell you about how Christian was a little terror while we decorated our Christmas tree.  David recorded a lot of it with the video camera because his stomping around and crying was so funny.  While Daphne was belting out Christmas tunes and proclaiming how decorating the tree is the most wonderful activity she's ever done, Christian was throwing his basketball and other toys at the tree, stealing ornaments and shaking the tree as hard as he could.

We had to put most of the ball ornaments really high because those are his favorite to try to steal and/or break.   This year our tree is a little top heavy with circular ornaments, and bottom-right heavy with all the ornaments the kids put on because that's where they put all theirs...I would say this is the most interestingly decorated tree we've ever had. 

It will be a good memory, I guess.

I bought two new Christmas books for the kids this year.  I didn't want to give them on Christmas because then it's too late to enjoy them for this season, so I ended up wrapping them and giving them last night.  I think we inadvertently started a new tradition of getting a new book the night we decorate the tree.  Christmas jammies with new books by the tree is a really sweet way to end the evening.

(Daphne got to open Llama Llama Holiday Drama and Christian opened Christmas Angels.) 


Kelley said...

Your trees will be interesting for years to come! :)

Erika said...

Fun!! That's hilarious that he was throwing balls at the tree. I'm not surprised Daphne enjoyed decorating, though. When I kidnap her, I'll be sure to let her be in charge of a few ornaments when she decorates our tree!

Julie Miller said...

Our tree looks almost identical to yours. Except that the bottom was funky and wouldn't fit in the stand well, so Erik had to chop a bunch off. Which makes for a shorter tree with less 'off limit' space than normal. So, the top is really packed with the breakable ornaments.

Shelley Smucker said...

You and your traditions! I can't handle it. I am the WORST at traditions and they have to basically repeat themselves all by themselves to become true traditions because I just don't remember! Sigh. I would love to be more tradition--y? I don't like traditional but that's probably the correct word in this circumstance? I digress.