12 December 2013

I'm Cold

Yesterday was the first time in my whole life that a weather-related cancellation/delay made me sad.  It was our last BSF meeting before Christmas, I made what felt like 100s of goodie bag (OK, 16) and then...freezing fog?   I've barely ever even heard of that.  Now I have to actually spring for postage to mail Christmas cards to all the BSF folks.  Can't believe it.

Our week has been quite full.  Saturday was the big Christmas concert downtown.  Check out the massive pipe organ:

Amazing, right?  It made the floor shake during Hallelujah Chorus.  Christian did not do well during the concert, in case you were wondering.  As soon as we walked onto to the stage I could hear him plain as day, "Mama! Dat's my mama! Mama come get me?  Mama hold me?  Waaaaaa!!!" So that was fun.

David has kept water poured on the back patio so the kids could have a skating rink. This picture is terrible, but the skating rink made for good toboggan-ing. 

The other night I walked outside and felt like it was kind of warm out, so I checked the temperature and it was 29.  I forgot to look the day they said it was supposed to be the coldest day since 1972, but I do know it's been too cold for me.  I also know that it was sad to notice a dramatic warm-up at 29.

Fun Fact for is you who try to sell your house by owner like us:  you will probably get zillions of calls from realtors who want to sell your house for you.  Because according to some of the not-so-tactful agents, people who do FSBO are dumb.  One guy even told us we definitely needed his help because the holidays are a terrible time to sell a house.  Well, I don't really know what he's talking about, because the week of Thanksgiving and the first week of December were the busiest weeks we've had yet.  Then a couple called last Wednesday morning, came to look at our place Wednesday night, and signed papers to put in an offer at 6AM Thursday morning.  Apparently they really liked the place.

Now, you know how it goes.  Inspection period is here and maybe we'll find out our foundation is crumbling and the house is about to come down...and that's not good.  So although we're packing like maniacs, we're not really celebrating until closing day comes and goes.  If you see us homeless on a street corner mid-January, you'll know it's because everything went well and inside our freezing faces we are really happy.  Except not Daphne because she never wants to leave this house.  She told me she's going to live with the new people and be their family and we can come visit her sometimes.  It will be sad to leave her, but whatever.  We gotta give her what she wants. 

In between packing we try to fit in a Christmas movie or two.  Actually, exactly two:  Elf and Frosty the Snowman.  We are SO BEHIND!  We like to watch the Santa Clause trilogy (the ones with Tim Allen) and we own all the classic cartoons.  I like Family Man.  And Little Women.

We need a pause button on December. 


Michelle said...

I am so sad I missed the Christmas concert! We wanted to go, but I think Henry would have been even less cooperative than Christian at such an hour.

And I was sad to miss BSF, too. And the treat bags, of course. Hehe.

It's not like Portland weather to get in the way of my plans. At least it encourages lots of cocoa drinking and Christmas movie watching.

P.S. It is sad that Daph won't want to go to the new house. Maybe after BSF on Wednesdays next year we could stop by and visit her for a bit.

Erika said...

FREEZING FOG??! I have never heard of such a thing. Yikes. But that's pretty sweet you made an ice skating sidewalk!! You can mail me some of those treat bags if you need help polishing off the candy!

Shelley Smucker said...

I know ALL ABOUT squeezing Christmas movies into everything else! I had to make a cake for a banquet and so I just popped on White Christmas while I baked, and it worked out rather nicely. But yes, I am very far behind. Oh, got Polar Express in too! Maybe not as far behind as I thought.