21 December 2012

The Santa that Wasn't

In order to accomplish all we've needed to accomplish this week, we've basically had our week mapped out to the hour to make sure we can fit it all in.

That's why when today we went to the mall and waited in line for an hour only to have Santa not show up at all, we were very sad. 

So this year, instead of photos on Santa's lap, we just have photos. 
hugs while waiting in line

I'm actually really disappointed.  One of my favorite Christmas keepsakes is a box I have that I put two photos in every year: our Christmas card and the picture with Santa.  Someday we'll have a box full of photos to look through, and 2012, the year of no Santa, will be a blight in our box. 
this is what happens when you're in line too long

Did I mention we were first in line?  We were, because of having our days mapped out so well.  I went hunting for mall management, only to have a security guy say he would call Santa to see where he was, only to have the security guy disappear as well.

Maybe it really was the end of the world, but only for a few people?  Like Santas and security guys?  
calling up Santa

a little too much Christmas cheer in this picture

I really don't think there is time to try to visit Santa again, so I guess this year will just have to be the year that Santa wasn't. 



Lori said...

this is SO hilarious!!! I bet you will look back and think of these photos as some of your favorites!!!

Erin said...

Is there anywhere open on Christmas Eve? We could have Daphne's birthday breakfast and then have a Santa hunt! :) Although I do like the photos you got as well.

melissa said...

This is a good idea! I know this Santa is supposed to be there from 10-2 on the 24th, so maybe we should.

melissa said...

I think you are probably right. It does make for a good story!