31 December 2012

Sending out 2012

I woke up this morning thinking tomorrow was the 31st and so here I am having lost an entire day of my life.  Good thing we do absolutely nothing for New Year's Eve.  Part of me is sad about that, but the part of me who gets up early with the kids is fine with being asleep by 10 P.M.  I'm just glad that David is home tonight, because it is always sadder to be at home on New Year's when David isn't here with the kids and I. 

Our last day of 2012 was spent running some morning errands, watching the few snowflakes that fell and wishing they would stick around, and playing football at the park with the neighbors.

he said 'football' today for the first time

I'm trying to think of the 2012 memories that stick out in my mind and basically I've got nothing.  I think I'm distracted by the fact that Daphne has every battery operated candle that we own turned on and lined up on the couch and today's mail is on the floor and there is random Christmas paraphernalia on the fainting couch...and since David is giving the kids a bath and my cleaning fairy hasn't shown up for the day I feel like I need to tidy.  I have a hard time concentrating when my house isn't clean.  That means I always have a hard time concentrating. 

My New Year's Resolution for 2013 is to get a cleaning fairy. 

(Actually, I have real resolution-type things for this next year.  Maybe at some point when I can concentrate I will share them.)


Kelley said...

C wants to play but it looks like he's not too sure about what to do!

D and her expressions! Love them.

Happy New Year. Dad has already set off some loud things.

Bethany said...

Well i truly love your posts. Another giggle before bed. Dusty is out tonight so quickly reading this was a good way to end the year. You are truly a gifted writer.

Scooter said...

So enjoy reading your posts...I giggle too and usually get a smile on my face throughout my day when I think about what you wrote. When you find the cleaning fairy let me know. :)

melissa said...

You guys are so sweet!! I like your comments!