12 December 2012

What Not To Do While Adressing Cards, And a Few Other Things

I'm coming down with what I'm sure is scarlet fever, since that is the only logical explanation for how I'm feeling.  Today I took a mommy sick day, meaning absolutely no cleaning was done as the kids tore the house apart.  I kept them fed and happy and that's it.  Hopefully no one will unexpectedly stop by our house and see its disastrous state, not to mention if someone does stop by they will probably also contract scarlet fever. 

This past weekend David went down to San Fransisco with a couple of friends for the 49ers game.  He came home quite pleased with the weather, his seats at the game, and of course the Niners win.
Kaepernick throwing the ball.  He has huge arms.

The kids and I went down to Albany to keep us from being alone and depressed while he was gone.  David took the camera meaning I didn't have it with me to take pictures of anything, but we had a good time visiting people and attending Fairview.  We'll be down again next weekend for a party for Daph and the Fairview Christmas Program, and then the next week for Christmas.  Hopefully all the Albany-ites won't get tired of us, but we'll give them all a break in January just in case.

Last year at about this time I was concerned about making mistakes on our Christmas cards as I was less than alert while addressing them in the middle of a sleepless night with Christian.  Tonight I've worked on them while being distracted by a cancer-baby-Christmas movie that I'm watching on Netflix.  If the movie theme sounds depressing it's because it is.  It makes for terrible card addressing company. 

P.S. I enjoyed watching this little ABC blurb that shares the sweet story from one member of our church who was at the Town Center during the shootings. 


Kelley said...

The Albany-ites aren't going to get tired of you. You probably want a break from us, we followed you home.

Kelley said...

Oh, how's the scarlet fever tonight? Do you need help?

melissa said...

I pumped myself full of my favorite echinacea pills and now I am healed. It must have been a fairly light strain of the fever.