11 December 2012

Sorry, I Just Keep Forgetting to Blog

Once again I've been leaving the poor blog in the dust as time flies by.  One small problem is that Blogger is telling me I'm out of storage, a problem I've been hearing from a number of Blogger users, and I'm not really sure what to do about that.  Buy storage?  Erase things?  Research a new domain and move the blog?  Way too many difficult things for me to think about when I would rather be making Christmas cookies and watching Christian rock out to Christmas music.  He is an amazing dancer.

My blog goal for 2012 was to blog at least 10 times every month.  I've made it this far, so there is no way I'm going to fail in the home stretch.  

Right now our house is just sick about what happened at the Town Center.  I don't want to trivialize the experience of those who were actually there, so I hate to be the type who says "we shop there all the time!  It could have been us!"  because obviously it wasn't us.  We see these types of things happen in other states and feel a certain distance from it, but when it happens in our backyard, in a place where we are on a regular basis, it makes it possible to imagine how horrible it would be for those who were there.  I'm thankful today was David's day off and that he didn't need to be called to the Town Center, and I'm thankful that we took our shopping downtown to Pioneer Square today and missed the chaos. 

Otherwise we're being as Christmassy as you can imagine, and the kids seem to be loving every minute of it. Lola too, even though she had accidents all over the family room last night while we slept so innocently in our beds. 

She's a stinker.  Literally. 

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