29 December 2012

Christmas in Review

I've started and erased this post about a million times, so apparently it is very difficult for me to record our Christmas week?

It was a wonderful week.  We decided that with how busy it is going from Christmas party to Christmas party that we would save our little family celebration for once we were finished with our visiting and back home again. 

We got home Thursday, so yesterday was like Christmas day all over again.  I think we'll keep doing our Christmas this way.  It was a slow, relaxing day and the kids had a blast opening gifts and spending hours playing with their new things. 

Christian is becoming such a ham.  Daphne was posing in front of the tree when he rushed over and plopped himself in her lap with a big grin on his face.

Daphne's gifts from us were the Melissa & Doug wooden pizza and doughnuts.  She also got the sandwich set from her cousin.  Those kitchen toys are the best; she has spent the past two days serving us plates of wooden food.

Christian got the Little People Garage that I found on super clearance for about $6 last March.  We like to give our kids a fun Christmas but I sure am cheap about it.  Hence the finding a great gift and keeping it hidden away in the closet for 9 months.

Daphne got the movie Tangled from Christian.  She said "thank you for shopping with Christian and getting me this show!"
serving Eyeore some pizza

David let the kids pick out some bracelets for me and I had to take a picture of their writing on the tags.  Sweetness.  (I don't know why David used Valentine's paper.)
Daph did the top two

David also got me the movie October Baby.  Have you seen it?  You need to.  It is so, so, so good.  We watched it last night

David got this travel Scrabble that he is so excited about.  We are kind of nerdy in that sometimes we'll set up a Scrabble game in the guest bedroom and spend a couple of days playing our turn when we get a chance.  This game's board has little grooves so the pieces don't move.  Pretty classy in the Scrabble world. 

Christian is pretty thrilled with all the new trucks and airplanes he got at all our parties.  This is how we usually see him:

Poor Daphne asks at night if when she wakes up her stocking will be full again.  She wouldn't mind some more Christmas parties. 

It's hard to leave the fun months of fall and Christmas behind, so I'm trying to get myself excited about some January projects.  I have curtains for the front window to hang (finally, after 8 years of wanting some) and I think I'm going to make some new pillow covers for the living room.  I would LOVE to paint the trim in the living room white and do this neat trick to make the trim look wider than it is but I know how much work it would be and am not sure I want to tackle it with the kids.  We have some kitchen ideas, too, which means I really need to be talking myself into wanting to paint.  Blah. 

Our December was wonderful, with both kids being at great ages to enjoy the fun.  Daphne is going to be heartbroken when the lights and trees come down.   I guess she needs to get excited about painting, too.


Kelley said...

The paper is to let you know how much you are LOVED!

Michelle said...

I love the little wooden food sets! We got some for Christmas, too, and we've been having wooden pizza and cookies quite a lot. Not real pizza though, apparently that stuff is no good.
They are the cutest. I love Christian's photo bombing!