04 December 2012

Zoo Lights

Last night we finally got around to going to Zoo Lights.

Despite talking about it every year, we'd never been before last night, but it would appear that going at 4 P.M. on a Monday is a very good idea as far as avoiding the crowds go. 

We didn't get to see the baby elephant because they have her hiding away, but we got to see a few other animals before we headed to the train. 
Besides real animals and a delightful train ride, there were also these people-dressed-as-animals walking around.  Daphne thought they were wonderful.  David also thought they were wonderful, but I wouldn't take photos of him with them, much to his dismay.   

We ended the night with a little trip to Burgerville where the kids got to sit at the little kid table. They were so cute and good. 
It was a really, really good night.  Zoo Lights are good.  Christmas fun is good. 

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