02 December 2012

1st Birthday of the Season

Here is Daphne, just a teeny bit excited about having a birthday party:

Last night was the first of her parties and she was loving every minute of it.  

We made an ice cream cake (you should have seen her face when I told her the cake was going to be made of ice cream...it's like she never imagined there could be anything more wonderful).  I had never made an ice cream cake before, but after making this recipe I decided two important things.  One, making an ice cream cake is so, so, so easy.  Two, I love throwing parties, but I love the planning/making decorations/decorating more than the cooking.  Basically if you show up at my house for some sort of festive gathering, I might just say "here's a box of frozen corn dogs, but look at all the pretty decorations!"  Ice cream cakes fit perfectly with that frame of thinking since they are so ridiculously easy to make. 

Daphne is very aware of presents this year.  In the days leading up to the party she would ask me if anyone was going to bring her presents, and like I mentioned, she's a little worried about whether there will be any presents for her at Christmas.  Part of me thinks I need to take every opportunity to tell her that it's rude to ask for presents, or she shouldn't expect presents, that it's better to give than to receive, or whatever all the 'right' things are to teach about presents.  But then I realize she has no idea what I'm talking about and she just really, REALLY wants a present.  I mean, we all wants presents, right?  She just doesn't have the filter yet to realize it's not so great to ask for them, nor the life experience to have learned about giving gifts to others.  Some things you just want to teach immediately, when in reality it takes time and some very awkward moments before these important life lessons are learned.  So if she says something crazy to you about where her present is, I'm sorry.  We're working on it.  Maybe next year we'll be a bit better.  (I imagine that a 5 year old is much more mature than a 4 year old.)

She did get lovely presents, including a hand-sewn bathrobe that she is wearing right now as she plays with her new Hello Kitty Mega Bloks and My Little Ponies.  Both kids were up past their bedtimes, and for some miraculous reason Christian is actually sleeping in after a late night and now Daph is getting to play with her new things without worrying about the baby stuffing Mega Blok pieces into his mouth. 

Except I hear him waking up, so it's about time for the big-sister-yelling-at-the-bothersome-baby-brother to begin. 


One Blessed Momma! said...

I cannot believe she is turning FOUR already! Where has the time gone?

melissa said...

I know, right? Next year she'll be in preschool, and I can hardly believe we're already to that point in our lives!