30 November 2012

Festive Scenes

There's a lot of Christmas fun going on in our house right now. 

*David set up the train around the tree.  Christian gets so excited every time the train goes by.

*Daph is my right hand girl for all Christmas activities.  She wants to decorate every square inch of our house.  I'm so pleased with myself for handing off my decorating gene to her.

*Christian's favorite song is 'Away in a Manger.'  He does motions and hums along, people!  It is the most precious thing you've ever seen.  If you see him make a 'rock the baby' motion with his arms, you know he wants you to sing.
who knows what's going on here, but it's funny

*Of course D loves playing with our Playmobil Nativity.  She especially loves it when the nativity characters ride in Santa's sleigh.
the face she makes when I tell her to smile

*Daphne and I went shopping the other day where she picked out a present for Daddy and one for Christian.  She was very concerned about where her present was.  That night we wrapped the gifts and again, poor thing was wondering if she would have any presents. 

*Both kids slept in until until 7:30 this morning, giving me one hour and 15 minutes of peace before the day began.  It was a Christmas miracle. 

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